Committee Membership

SROC Representation on national committees.

Group SROC Representative Meetings and Notes

HESA National User Group

Phillip Russell-Lacy
(The University of Sheffield)

December and June (approx.)

Previous Meetings

SLC Stakeholder Operations Group

Ray Lock
(University of Derby)

The Stakeholder Operations Group meets monthly and holds a weekly teleconference during peak processing times from May to October.

HESA DLSG Advisory Panel

Chris Carpenter
(Loughborough University)

3 times per year

UCAS Data Group

Judith Davison
(Huddersfield University)

3 times per year

ARC Executive

Judith Davison
(Huddersfield University)

4 times per year

HEE Contract and Data Review Group

Judith Davison
(Huddersfield University)

A ‘virtual’ group to date but with face to face meetings planned